*HOT* 50% Off Furby BOOM! With New Target Cartwheel

Furby BOOM! Target CartwheelWOO HOO!  Target has just released a *HOT* new Target Cartwheel discount for a whopping 50% off a Furby BOOM!  This is one of the HOTTEST toys of the Christmas season and are on sale at Target right now for $59.  Use your Target Cartwheel and you’ll pay as low as $29.50 for one!  This offer is valid through 10/30, so you’ve only got a few days to use it.

As I stated in a previous Furby BOOM! post, I got to play with one of these guys earlier this summer and I can’t believe how much they’ve improved these guys.  One huge bonus?  There’s actually a way to put them to sleep now, no more waiting for them to stop chattering to get them to turn off!  Plus they hatch eggs and you can raise little Furblings via their online app and do all kinds of fun, interactive things.  In short, they’re very, very cool and the kids will LOVE them!

Head on over here to add this offer to your Target Cartwheel!


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