How To Tell The Difference Between Safeway Just For U Store & Manufacturer Coupons

Safeway LogoJust For UOver the past two weeks I’ve gotten several emails from people asking the same question – how do I tell the difference between store coupons and manufacturer coupons in the Safeway Just For U program?  So here it is – the best way to decipher which Safeway Just For U coupons are store coupons and which ones are manufacturer coupons:

1. Safeway store coupons can be deciphered by two key words – OFF and EACH:

Safeway Just For U Store Coupons

Safeway Just For U Store Coupons (1)The presence of either of these two words – OFF and EACH – generally indicates that these are STORE coupons, which means they can be stacked with a manufacturer coupon.  They are generally only good one time, meaning you can redeem these offers on multiple items as long as they are purchased all in one transaction.  Of course this is subject to the fine print of the coupon, but I’ve found this to be true most of the time.

There is one exception to this rule – P&G coupons are ALWAYS manufacturer coupons, no matter how they are worded.  So if you see a Pampers, Luvs, Dawn, Pantene, Crest, Oral B, etc. coupon  you can safely assume that they are manufacturer coupons.

2.  Manufacturer coupons can be deciphered by one word – SAVE:

Safeway Just For U Manufacturer CouponsThe key to deciphering which Just For U coupons are manufacturer coupons is the word SAVE.  If you see this word it generally means that the coupon can’t be stacked.  If you attempt to use a paper coupon with one of these coupons the register will beep and give you the discount that is greater.

Please note, these rules are general and I can’t guarantee they will be true all of the time – there are always exceptions.  But, as a general rule, these should help you be able to decipher between store and manufacturer coupons in the Safeway Just For U program.

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